Who produces the most solar energy in the world?

The energy transition is essential for the increase of renewable energies. The costs associated with solar energy production have come down a lot in recent years. As a result, investments in photovoltaic systems have grown significantly.

According to the researchers, thanks to the achievement of economies of scale, the more photovoltaic panels are produced, the lower their cost will be. Furthermore, by installing high quality components, the use of the solar energy captured by the system increases.
Solar panels, inverters and TRANSFORMERS must be highly efficient.
This guarantees:

  1. continuity of operation
  2. optimization of energy consumption
  3. rapid return on investment

A detailed infographic of the world’s largest solar energy producers was compiled in 2021 by the online magazine Visual Capitalist:

China dominates the ranking of solar plants: 35% (254.355MW) of the energy produced in the world. Investments in renewable energies, photovoltaic and wind power, follow a continuously growing trend. Indeed, the Chinese have plans for a 400.000MW wind and solar farm

The United States follows, albeit clearly detached from 1st place: 100.000MW of solar energy, recently achieved. The growth policies in support of the renewable energy sector in the USA were particularly effective: tax deduction of 26% for both residential and commercial plants.

In Europe, Germany stands out with its 53.783MW produced. Italy is in second place but with a much lower solar energy production: 21.600MW. Spain, the United Kingdom, France and others follow.

Worldwide, Italy is in 6th place, immediately after India which holds the record (for now) of the largest photovoltaic plant in the world, with a power of 2.254MW (2.2GW): the Bhadla Solar Park . Nothing if we look to the future: 10GW Australian solar park!

The race to produce solar energy has just begun… Stay tuned!

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