The 4 essential certifications to install electrical transformers in Europe and in the world

New CTA has achieved the main system and product certifications necessary to carry out its work in Italy and abroad, in support of its professionalism and reliability. Certifications are a business card for the company that achieves them, but also a way to enter international markets, which rely exclusively on companies whose products have been designed and manufactured according to safety and quality standards recognized at European level and international.

1. ISO:9001 Certification

New CTA has obtained the ISO: 9000 company quality system certification, i.e. an independent certifying body has found that the company system, management procedures and processes underlying the services provided comply with ISO: 9000 standards. The certification is revised every three years and checked every year directly by inspectors of the CSQ on site.

2. KEMA and ENEC Certification

Electric transformers in the production phase.

Kema certification – Keuring Electrotechnisch Materieel Arnhem – certifies compliance with European safety standards for products, in our case for transformers. Compliance is certified first of all by a documentary check and then through laboratory tests carried out on the samples, verification of the place of production and periodic reviews. Specifically, New CTA has achieved Enec certification – European Norm Electrical Certification – European certification mark for electrical products that gives access to European Union markets, recognized by national authorities as a substitute for local brands.

3. SASO Saudi Arabia Certification

As part of the export of its products to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the New CTA has requested and obtained SASO certification. This certification is essential in order to be able to introduce the products in the Saudi market, the same provides a process, divided into several steps:

  1. Verification of documents, planning and company quality system;
  2. Inspection in the workplace for effective verification of the declared capacities (equipment, machinery, etc.);
  3. Verification of products.

This certification requires annual renewal, and is issued by a third party, a certification company designated by the Saudis to verify that the goods exported to the country have the technical requirements of the structure, comply with electrical regulations and respect the religious culture of the country. The SASO issued by SGS is a certification required to export products to Saudi Arabia and to install them.

4. Certification in the naval sector

There are also some certifications that are required by the customer in the event that the products have to be installed on a ship. All ships are subject to the control of a certification body, in Italy the R.I.NA. is generally used. All products, even those replaced, must be subjected to certification by this body, which, also given the particularity and environment in which it operates, carries out very accurate inspections.

The New CTA has designed and installed several ad hoc transformers for naval use. In this case, the company has requested certification for each individual product from the designated body. In this case, RINA follows a very complex and articulated procedure before certifying a product, furthermore the certification is valid for the single product. In practice, each transformer built receives its personal approval for installation, which cannot be extended to other transformers, even if they are identical.

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