SASO certification for exporting transformers to Saudi Arabia

Collaborating with foreign countries provides the ability to interface with different kinds of electrical realities, needs and peculiarities. The first step lies in the knowledge and acquisition of information, the second in obtaining certifications that guarantee the company's professionalism, production capacity and expertise in the sector. In Europe, particular certifications are not mandatory to propose to companies and institutions but, in the electricity sector, having certifications such as ISO: 9000 and Kema is practically essential.

On the other hand, in non-EU countries the procedures can vary a lot. To place our products in Saudi Arabia, where a very complex bureaucratic barrier already exists upon entry, it is necessary and sufficient to obtain the SASO certification, the Certificate for Conformity for the entry of goods into Saudi Arabia. Saudi standards are heavily inspired by the safety parameters classified by the IEC, the International Electrotechnical Commission.

The SASO certificate:

  1. certifies the conformity of the products;
  2. it is renewed annually;
  3. is issued by SGS, one of the certification companies selected by the Saudis to verify that the goods exported to the country have the technical requirements of the structure, comply with electrical regulations and respect the religious culture of the country.
  4. The SASO issued by SGS is a necessary and sufficient certification to export products to Saudi Arabia and to install them.

How to export to Saudi Arabia with SASO certification

When we request SASO certification annually, SGS begins with an in-depth annual audit of the company and products. Every time the goods leave, we require specific certification, then a local inspector checks the products upon arrival. On each load of goods arriving in Saudi Arabia, check that the products correspond to those for which certification has been requested: they photograph the products, check the labels affixed to the processors, check for the presence of instructions which must be at least in English. and more.

Only at the end of the inspection, the transformers can travel to the country and be sold and installed.

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