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Energy Excellence: Low Voltage Transformers Making the Difference!

Low voltage transformers are the lifeblood of our electrical grid, playing a crucial role that goes well beyond mere voltage conversion. From generation points to consumption points, they act as reliable custodians of energy, ensuring that electrical supply is efficient and safe. High production quality: An Investment for the Energy Future High-quality LV/LV transformers are …

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Ventilation System LV/LV Transformers

The core temperature of a low voltage transformer increases proportionally to the applied load. Also, the core temperature rises faster as the ambient temperature increases. In other words, the transformer core temperature rises faster than the ambient temperature when the applied load is higher. To avoid overheating, the core temperature must not exceed a certain …

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Aluminum VS Copper, which is the best cable for quality-price-efficiency?

Differences between copper and aluminum connections. Aluminum wiring has the following advantages: This feature is important when installing power lines, the length of which can reach tens or even hundreds of kilometers. Accessibility. When choosing a material for wiring, many are guided by the cost of the metal. Aluminum is inferior, respectively, which explains the …

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Energy efficient transformers

Transforming energy by trying to “waste” as little of it as possible, this is the goal we must aim for immediately. Whether for industrial applications (paper mills, chemical industries, cement factories, mines), for commercial applications (offices, universities, hospitals, hotels), for railway or naval applications, the imperative is ENERGY EFFICIENCY.

Safety in the transformer

Handling transformers with high voltage values can cause high risks for “non-professionals”. The European legislation, in fact, has limited the risks, reducing the value of the power supply voltage for the equipment that is handled daily by people who can be defined as “non-experts”.

The 4 essential certifications to install electrical transformers in Europe and in the world

New CTA has achieved the main system and product certifications necessary to carry out its work in Italy and abroad, in support of its professionalism and reliability. Certifications are a business card for the company that achieves them, but also a way to enter international markets, which rely exclusively on companies whose products have been designed and manufactured according to safety and quality standards recognized at European level and international.

SASO certification for exporting transformers to Saudi Arabia

Collaborating with foreign countries provides the ability to interface with different kinds of electrical realities, needs and peculiarities. The first step lies in the knowledge and acquisition of information, the second in obtaining certifications that guarantee the company’s professionalism, production capacity and expertise in the sector. In Europe, particular certifications are not mandatory to propose to companies and institutions but, in the electricity sector, having certifications such as ISO: 9000 and Kema is practically essential.

New Cta in Europe, from design to installation of transformers on railway networks

New Cta is carrying out various projects in the railway sector, supplying unique and specific transformers compliant with the technical needs of the client country and capable of managing the innovative self-regulating cables placed on the switches, which are replacing the old system because they are more performing in extreme weather conditions.

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