New Cta in Europe, from design to installation of transformers on railway networks

New Cta is carrying out various projects in the railway sector, supplying unique and specific transformers compliant with the technical needs of the client country and capable of managing the innovative self-regulating cables placed on the switches, which are replacing the old system because they are more performing in extreme weather conditions.

First of all, we specify that each nation has its own railway network that differs from the other foreign ones from an electrical point of view: for military defense purposes and to manage rail movements with maximum control. A harmonization is underway in Europe, a sort of unification of the railway systems, with a view to favoring exchanges between nations in Europe, but this system change is long-standing and expensive, so it is happening very, very slowly.

From data collection to installation

So basically every time New Cta operates on a railway section, it starts from scratch with the initial checks: voltage values, powers to be developed, which are essential to manage the exchanges, etc …

Having acquired this essential information, the technical team – designers and engineers – conceives an ad hoc transformer. After the design phase, the transformers are manufactured, tested and prototyped, then installed.

In accordance with the engineering of the railway authority for which the work is being carried out, we start with a first test that uses 1-2 samples, operating in the field, for 1-2 years. If the first test gave positive results, we proceed with an enlarged installation.

In summary:

  1. Collection of technical information, study phase, design of the transformer to be submitted to the customer;
  2. Production of 1-2 products, tested and prototyped in the company;
  3. Installation of 1-2 transformers on the railway network, duration test 1-2 years;
  4. Enlarged installation if the transformers have passed the first test;
  5. Replacement of the old transformers with those made by NEW CTA;

Projects currently in progress

In Chamonix, France, we are in the expanded testing phase, meaning we have provided 18 more transformers to be installed, as a final test before proceeding with the total replacement. The same thing we are doing in Germany, for which we are in the product design phase.

Likewise for Belgium, where we have already been testing 2 products on trial for a year. In addition, we plan to open up to the American market, thanks to the authority and competence we have demonstrated with our product installed for Eurotunnel in Calais. At the moment in America no company is able to produce a transformer like ours, at the price we have agreed upon, which also includes transport.

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