come scegliere un trasformatore per il fotovoltaico

How to choose the best transformer for a photovoltaic system?

Transformers for photovoltaic systems are characterized by two peculiar characteristics:

  1. Galvanic isolation, necessary to separate the operator’s network from the production network;
  2. High Yield, the impact that the transformer gives to the plant.

The efficiency of a photovoltaic system is influenced by the various devices placed inside it, as they have losses that deteriorate the amount of energy produced by the panels (or by the wind turbines). In fact, the total yield of the plants is given by the nominal capacity subtracted from the losses of all the elements present and, above all, from the connections.
Therefore an important investment in panels (or wind turbines), must necessarily be accompanied by a transformer or an inverter of excellent design and construction quality.

New CTA recommends paying the utmost attention to the quality of the system connections: if not performed in a workmanlike manner, they will produce enormous losses and rapid deterioration of the system.
For this purpose we use procedures and tools suitable for the production and meticulous control of transformer connections:

  • we make them only with suitable and certified products
  • we subject the transformers to a specific thermography on the connections
  • we measure the level of noise produced.

Furthermore, the transformers project is extremely detailed, as we apply all the feedback received in the field and all the information collected over the years by our technical office.
Thanks to our customers we have accumulated many years of experience in the production of transformers, both single-phase and three-phase, for the renewable energy sector. The evidence of the efficiency and durability of the installed products represent the real wealth of New CTA and a strong drive to face new challenges with professionalism and passion.

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