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Energy Excellence: Low Voltage Transformers Making the Difference!

Low voltage transformers are the lifeblood of our electrical grid, playing a crucial role that goes well beyond mere voltage conversion. From generation points to consumption points, they act as reliable custodians of energy, ensuring that electrical supply is efficient and safe.

High production quality: An Investment for the Energy Future

High-quality LV/LV transformers are not just simple devices but strategic investments for the energy future. Construction robustness is the main feature of New CTA products, guaranteeing reliable long-term performance, minimizing maintenance costs, and offering durability that defies time.

Precision for Critical Applications: Uncompromising Reliability

In medical, industrial, and automation applications, precision is the key to success. All transformers are designed to ensure operational continuity in critical situations. Safety is the top priority!

Durability in the Harshest Environments: Reliability that Endures Environmental Challenges

In rough seas, in demanding industrial environments and in extreme climatic conditions, durability is non-negotiable. New CTA Transformers are built to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring optimal performance even in the most challenging contexts.

Energy Efficiency: Optimization in Every Detail

Dedication to energy efficiency is reflected in every detail of the design. From selected materials to advanced insulation technologies, every component is designed to maximize efficiency and reduce energy waste.

Smart Choice for Engineers and Technicians

In every project, New CTA LV/LV transformers represent the smart choice, thanks to design flexibility that ensures complete product customization to adapt to the most complex requirements.

Discover the full range of products on and enhance electrical systems with safe, reliable, and efficient components!

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