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Energy Excellence: Low Voltage Transformers Making the Difference!

Low voltage transformers are the lifeblood of our electrical grid, playing a crucial role that goes well beyond mere voltage conversion. From generation points to consumption points, they act as reliable custodians of energy, ensuring that electrical supply is efficient and safe. High production quality: An Investment for the Energy Future High-quality LV/LV transformers are …

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The 4 essential certifications to install electrical transformers in Europe and in the world

New CTA has achieved the main system and product certifications necessary to carry out its work in Italy and abroad, in support of its professionalism and reliability. Certifications are a business card for the company that achieves them, but also a way to enter international markets, which rely exclusively on companies whose products have been designed and manufactured according to safety and quality standards recognized at European level and international.

New Cta in Europe, from design to installation of transformers on railway networks

New Cta is carrying out various projects in the railway sector, supplying unique and specific transformers compliant with the technical needs of the client country and capable of managing the innovative self-regulating cables placed on the switches, which are replacing the old system because they are more performing in extreme weather conditions.

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