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Energy Excellence: Low Voltage Transformers Making the Difference!

Low voltage transformers are the lifeblood of our electrical grid, playing a crucial role that goes well beyond mere voltage conversion. From generation points to consumption points, they act as reliable custodians of energy, ensuring that electrical supply is efficient and safe. High production quality: An Investment for the Energy Future High-quality LV/LV transformers are …

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SASO certification for exporting transformers to Saudi Arabia

Collaborating with foreign countries provides the ability to interface with different kinds of electrical realities, needs and peculiarities. The first step lies in the knowledge and acquisition of information, the second in obtaining certifications that guarantee the company’s professionalism, production capacity and expertise in the sector. In Europe, particular certifications are not mandatory to propose to companies and institutions but, in the electricity sector, having certifications such as ISO: 9000 and Kema is practically essential.

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